About Me

Sebastian Littel Young is a 45-year-old gourmet specialist at own eatery who appreciates strolling, podcasting and photography. She is benevolent and inventive, yet can likewise be subtle and a piece stingy.

She is a British Hindu. She completed school and afterward left the scholarly community. She is fixated on perusing and over-knee socks.

Physically, Sebastian is fit as a fiddle. She is normal stature with fair skin, dark hair and green eyes. Abnormally, she has a prosthetic eye; she lost hers in a fender bender. She has a tattoo of a shelf on her upper back.

She experienced childhood in a common neighborhood. She was raised by her dad, her mom having left when she was young.

She is at present involved with Zane Denis Payne. Zane is 20 years more established than her and functions as a screenplay writer.

Sebastian’s closest companion is a cook at own eatery called Jo-Anne Holmes. They are indivisible. She likewise spends time with Franklyn Fleming and Ellesse Fenton. They appreciate taking candy from infants together.