Amazon Is Having an Unannounced Sale on All of Your Favorite Apple Products

Photo credit: Retail Credits
Photo credit: Retail Credits

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Brace yourself: Amazon is having an unannounced sale on a bunch of your favorite Apple products. Translation? You can finally buy an Apple watch for an affordable price and have it in your hands by tomorrow evening—you don’t even have to leave your bed. (Although you might want to get a feel of what it’s like to get your steps in.) If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge on the cult favorite AirPods, a new iPad, and so much more, now is absolutely the time to check out of that shopping cart.

If you keep up with the news of Apple products, you know that these deals don’t last for long. The latest Airpods Pro are discounted down to $219 from $249. You know, the ones that feature active noise cancellation for immersive sound and offer 24 hours of battery life with their charging case.

There’s an Apple watch on sale for everyone’s needs and budget, too. Amazon is taking nearly $40 off the new SE, marking it down to $270 from the original $309 price point. The SE has all the basic features with the latest tech: GPS mode, texting, activity tracking, and music syncing. But if you want a better deal on something a bit more advanced with in-depth healh tracking, then we suggest going for the Series 5. The version Amazon is selling is nearly $100 off the original price. And last but not least, the latest and greatest Series 6 is also running a discount. It’s $20 off the original price. To refresh your memory, it performs 20% faster than the previous models and has a blood oxygen sensor.

Other items in this sale are the New MacBook Pro, the 4thGeneration iPad, Powerbeats Pro earbuds, and the wildcard Apple MagSafe Qi Charger.

We don’t know how long this secret sale will last, but we predict it’ll be gone in a flash, so don’t sleep on it. If you like saving money on the best-in-the-game expensive tech, go forth and shop. We’re happy to be the bearer of good news.

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