Apple FINALLY redesigning the iMac for 2021 (and we can’t wait)

We’ve made our feelings known about the design of Apple’s current Mac line up over the last few months. Pretty much every new release in 2020 sported a familiar (read: old) design, with arguably the worst offender being the 2020 iMac. Last year’s machine looks identical to every iMac released since as far back as 2012. But if new leaks are to be believed, the 2021 iMac is finally about to buck the trend.

According to Bloomberg, the first iMac makeover in almost a decade will not only involve reducing the display’s gargantuan bezels, but it will also see the machine’s curved back flattened to allow a much slimmer profile. It may still be our best computer for graphic design, but anything that makes the iMac look like it belongs here in the 2020s can only be a good thing. 

Bloomberg reports that the new iMac, slated for release in 2021, will feature a design reminiscent of Apple’s sleek (but ludicrously expensive) Pro Display XDR (below), which features tiny bezels and and an ultra-slim body. Indeed, next to the 2019’s Pro Display, the 2020 iMac can only be described using one of the internet’s favourite words: chonky.

Pro Display XDR

The new iMac could resemble Apple’s Pro Display XDR (Image credit: Apple)

And the good news for iMac fans doesn’t end there. Along with a brand new design, the 2021 iMac is reported to feature Apple’s brand new and incredible speedy M1 chip, currently only found in the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Released in November, the new chip is a game-changer for creatives – and we’re surprised to see that the M1 MacBooks have already been given an unexpected price cut.

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