Apple has 8 ‘important’ privacy tips for iPhone users

User data privacy has become quite the buzzword recently with WhatsApp and other messaging apps in the news. One company that has always been championing the cause of privacy is Apple. Apple has made it clear on multiple occasions that privacy is a fundamental right and the company takes it really seriously. Apple has a Tips app on the iPhone — and iPad as well — which tells users about getting the best from their device. Now, Apple has shared 9 privacy tips for iPhone users and here they are:



with Apple

Just like sites and apps give you an option to sign in with Facebook or Google account, a lot of them now have sign in with Apple option as well. It’s safer as you have the option of not sharing your email ID with apps or websites



Auto-generation of passwords

So many apps and so many passwords. It becomes difficult to remember passwords at times. iOS has an auto-generate password feature that allows users to keep strong passwords. With TouchID and FaceID, you don’t need to remember them as well.



Hiding photos from Library

There’s an option to hide photos in your Photos library and comes in handy if there are certain images you don’t want others to see.



Browsing internet privately on iPhone

In Safari, there’s a Private mode where you can browse to your heart’s content without any apprehension. Safari won’t remember what pages you visited or your search history.



Hiding message previews

You can safely hide notifications of messages or WhatsApp chats by tweaking a few settings on the iPhone.



Know when an app is using camera or mic

With iOS 14, if an app is using your microphone then an orange dot appears on the top right of the iPhone. If an app is using the camera, then a green dot will appear.



Check Safari privacy report

Safari gives you a detailed privacy report now. You can check how many sites were trying to track you and then be careful about whether you want to visit those sites or not



Sharing approximate location

There’s an option of sharing “Precise Location” on the iPhone. This comes in handy when you want to give an app location permission but don’t want to share all the details.

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