Apple is once again extending TV+ free trials

Apple will once again give some of its customers a few extra months of TV+. Since 2019, the company has offered a free one-year trial of the service with the purchase of a new device. When Apple first announced the promotion, it was supposed to expire on November 1st, 2020 for early adopters. The first extension came in October when Apple pushed the expiry date back to February 2021.   

With the news, which was first reported by 9to5Mac, those with subscriptions that were set to expire between February and June can continue to use the service for free until July of this year. Apple will start to notify people who are eligible via email over the next couple of weeks. If you took advantage of the promotion when Apple first came out with it and you didn’t cancel your subscription at any point since then, you’ll end your trial having had an additional nine months of free access. 

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