Apple’s fantastic AirPods Pro go on sale for their holiday price

It’s not Black Friday, but you still need a new pair of AirPods. Good news! Amazon’s current sale price is likely the best you’ll be able to find outside of the holidays. The online retailer is selling the AirPods Pro for $200. That’s well below the $220 to $250 they usually sell for (the upper price being the MSRP you’ll find at the Apple Store).

We reviewed the AirPods Pro more than a year ago, giving them 4.5 out of 5 stars and our Editors’ Choice award. The AirPods Pro “improves fit, comfort, and sound quality while adding a decent active noise reduction system and great transparency mode” over the regular AirPods, we said. We didn’t think the sound quality was as good as it could be for the price the company is charging, but overall the AirPods Pro offer good value. 

Apple says the battery life on these AirPods is about 3.5 hours of talk time or 4.5 hours of listening time. You can keep them going for another 24 hours without the need to return to base using the included charging case.

Bottom line? The AirPods Pro are well worth your money even at full cost, and you’re not likely to find a better price anytime soon. Don’t miss this deal.

[Today’s deal: AirPods Pro for $200 on Amazon.]

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