AVG Cleaner Pro for Android Phones

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When your Android phone is slow and you need to optimize the device, AVG Cleaner Pro might be the right solution for you. Let’s find out more about the app, its main features as well as a way to install & uninstall it.

A brief overview of the software

First of all, AVG Cleaner Pro was developed by the same company that makes AVG Antivirus. If you have the latter, it makes sense using all the software from one developer. They’ll complete one another and deliver you better performance.

The app is used to remove unnecessary files that clutter your phone’s space. It also deletes cache, messages, calls history, duplicates of the files, etc. You can use the settings to adjust the cleanup process and define which type of junk you want to be removed. Besides, this app is supposed to prolong battery life.

AVG Cleaner Pro: Main features you’ll get on your Android

  • It can clean the device’s history. This includes all the activates you’ve done in the past: call, app, and clipboard history. As soon as the data is erased, your smartphone is sure to operate faster.
  • The user-friendly interface lets you decide what you’d like to remove. Just click on Analyze and get a report of how much junk can be deleted in each category. Tick the categories you want and proceed with getting rid of the files.
  • You can easily clean up your photos. This is a very useful tool if you like to take many similar pictures hoping to pick something out later. The scan will gather all the pictures with bad quality, blurry, identical photos, etc. You’ll have a chance to sort through them before you verify the action and remove the files.
  • More free space is going to be another great advantage. Once the smartphone/tablet is decluttered from the apps you don’t need, photos you don’t want, cache, etc., you are sure to have more space and make the device more productive.
  • Longer battery life. Since the device won’t be occupied trying to process all the unnecessary files, you’ll be able to enjoy your Android for longer.
  • You may set up reminders or adjust auto cleanups. This will maintain your device optimized at all times.

How to install the app?

To install AVG Cleaner Pro, you should either go to the official AVG’s site or find the app in the Google Store. Follow the prompts and run the file after the download is over. The app is lightweight and simple so it should not take much time to complete the installation process.

To uninstall it properly, you should go to the list of apps in your settings, pick this software, and click on uninstall. Keep in mind that if you use a premium version, the removal of the software doesn’t stop the subscription. If you don’t want to be charged again, you need to stop the subscription at the official webpage.

The verdict

All in all, AVG Cleaner Pro is a useful tool to remove all the junk as well as files you don’t need. It’s a great way to keep your Android-running device optimized and quick. Even more, if you have the antivirus solution from the same developer, you are sure to enjoy the combination of the two.

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