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NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to automated trading platforms, Bitcoin Evolution is already a proven software with thousands of users. It helps users to earn huge amounts of profits by executing trade orders with the help of the trading signals provided by the Bitcoin Evolution platform. Its unmatched consistency and reliability make the trading software even more popular amongst users. The trading software not only supports trading of Bitcoin but also other altcoins like Ethereum, LiteCoin, RippleCoin, Bitcoin Cash to name a few.


The software boasts a win rate of nearly 100% and a customer satisfaction rate of over 95%. Users find it easy to access and operate the features of the software. Now, coming to the working of the software, Bitcoin Evolution is in-built with a complex algorithm. This algorithm makes use of important market parameters and past data figures to analyze the Bitcoin market. It accurately predicts the future positions of the crypto market and provides trading signals to users. Then, the software also executes these trade orders for the traders. It makes the software even more handy as traders don’t have to place trades on their own. They need to spend 20-30 minutes on the platform each day and collect their winnings. MUST SEE: “Shocking New Bitcoin Evolution Report – This May Change Your Mind”

Before diving into other features of the trading platform, readers must understand the determinants of Bitcoin’s price. It’s a known fact that the progenitor of digital assets is a decentralized currency that cannot be monitored by any financial regulatory body. So, usual economic factors like inflation, tax raise, etc., which impact the stock market and the commodities market, don’t affect the Bitcoin market. The rise and fall of the crypto market depend entirely on the basic laws of demand and supply. If the demand for Bitcoin rises, the value of the asset increases, and vice-versa. On the other hand, if the supply is limited, the price will rise, and it will fall if there’s more supply. Open Your Bitcoin Evolution Account for Free Now From The Official Site

As mentioned above, the platform mostly satisfies all the needs of the traders. As per the creators, the software satisfies around 95% of its customers. So, only 5% of them have any issues with it. There are hundreds of positive reviews of the software on the Internet. One of the users, from Pennsylvania, says, “After my second child was born a few months back, the expenditure of our household increased by 4 times. I have a decent job that pays $40,000 annually but to fulfil the requirements of my family, I needed more. So, about two months back, in November, I decided to sign-up on the Bitcoin Evolution trading software. I was at first hesitant after I learned that the software places trades automatically, but I gave it a try. I deposited $300 as my first investment and by the end of the day when I opened it, my profits soared to $200! A huge thanks to the developers.” There are similar reviews of the software. As the software boasts of a 99.4%-win rate, mathematically, there’s negligible chance of suffering losses. 

To register on the platform, users need to fill the sign-up form on the platform’s landing page. They need to provide accurate details, such as their name, email ID, and mobile number. After this step comes the “deposit” step. $250 is the minimum deposit set by the platform. Now, the software encrypts the user’s trading account and password protects it, thereby only giving users the access to their accounts. There are trading parameters to be set and once done, the software pulls out the most lucrative trading opportunities for the user. These trading opportunities are based on the trading preferences of the user. Now, if the user has switched on the auto-mode, the software places the trade on the behalf of the user. They can execute trades on their own if they are using the platform in the manual mode. According to the developer, users can win profits from every trade. 

It’s a free software and interested traders can sign up immediately to earn massive profits. There’s only a small “maintenance fee” that needs to be paid by the user. The developer will deduct this amount from the profits earned by the user.

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