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NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bitcoin Trader Review Update: In the days of the pandemic and the subsequent recession, more people have entered the cryptocurrency market as traders. The main reason for it was that trading in CFDs of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have yielded more profits than traditional stock trading. 

The creators of the Bitcoin Trader trading application claim that they use innovative software to analyze the trade data, so the trade forecasts are always accurate. Firstly, the software connects with global cryptocurrency exchanges and collects real-time price data. Then the price data is fed into the statistical program that is designed to analyze the figures at a very fast speed. The price trends are put into charts and tables. The software program then compares the price fluctuations with the previous trades from an archive available in the program. After being sure of the accuracy of the trade forecasts, the software flashes the signals on the user account.


The designers of this software program say that this software can execute the trade automatically. If the user chooses the trading parameters and then selects the auto trade option, the software completes the orders. Even if the user is not online, the software will book the trade when it gets the profit-making price in the market. MUST SEE: “Shocking New Bitcoin Trader Report – This May Change Your Mind”

Coming to the factors that determine the price of Bitcoin, unlike the stock market and the commodity market, the value of the digital asset is not based on economic factors like tax rise and inflation. These are regular economic determinants that have a huge impact on the prices of stocks, commodities, and other assets. But the value of Bitcoin is affected by the economic laws of supply and demand. As per this law, the price of Bitcoin rises when the demand for the asset increases and falls when demand decreases. Similarly, when the supply of the digital asset is low, its price rises, and vice-versa. This is because of the decentralized nature of Bitcoin that doesn’t allow any financial regulatory body to monitor and influence the prices of Bitcoin in any way. Another fact about the Bitcoin market: it’s extremely volatile. When the lockdowns were imposed globally in March, the price of Bitcoin fell to nearly $5,000. And, the same asset saw a dramatic surge last month when it crossed the $40,000 mark. So, traders of cryptocurrency must be circumspect in their approach. And, this is where software like Bitcoin Trader comes into play. 

Readers will be able to find numerous customer testimonials of the trading platform on the Internet. The win rate of the software is so high that it seldom disappoints its users. One customer from Minnesota says, “I had to close down my small investment company in April 2020 as I couldn’t bear the immense losses that I was suffering because of the coronavirus lockdowns imposed earlier in March. My household income suddenly fell to zero and I was struggling to provide for my family. Then, one day, as I was browsing the Internet for jobs, I found Bitcoin Trader. I registered and deposited around $500. It has been around seven months that I’m using the software and I have already earned profits.” The customer satisfaction rate of the trading software is more than 95%, and the above review proves it.

The creators of Bitcoin Trader state that they allow leverage trading facilities to all clients. The traders with fewer funds can make greater profits when they trade in the CFDs of Bitcoins that are similar to derivative trading in stocks. Traders can borrow money from this electronic broker and trade to book bigger profits than their funds permit. This is also called leverage trading that results in giving an advantage to the users. Also, the trading app is very easy to join and free of cost. The trader has to register on the website and fund the trading account to start trading. The company charges no commission or brokerage on the trades, and it collects only a small portion of the profit. There are no withdrawal charges also and the trader can take out 100% of the funds with profits. The group of traders who have created this digital trading platform state that their customer service is always available for its users, and they can contact them anytime for queries. 

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