Do You Need Android System WebView?

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You are sure to have noticed the Android System WebView application on the list of your apps. Have you ever wondered what it is? This topic has been very popular latterly as people try to figure out if they need it at all. When the question of uninstalling this component occurs, you need to get more information first. While it may not seem like a huge deal, there are some good reasons for keeping it. Let’s find out more about Android System WebView and decide if it’s worth keeping.

A general overview of the application

To put it simply, this is an element of Android OS. It’s present on every Android-running gadget. However, if your version is Nougat (7) or higher, you won’t probably see it separately on the list of apps. This Android version also lets you control the actions with the app in question. The rest, however, have to stick with it. In case you don’t know whether you have it, just go to your settings and pick the system apps folder in the application manager. This is also the place where you can see if it’s active or disabled.

Android System WebView was created to display web content. It’s like a window of the browser inside your application. A bright example is a case when you follow a link and it opens in a new window. Well, the app in question made it possible. So, it turns out that the application is like a mini Google Chrome browser. It eliminates the necessity to leave the app and lets you explore the information from the link. Now you see why it was created? It’s very convenient and saves you time.

Whenever the company wanted to update it, a new version of OS had to be released. That’s why this has become a separate component. Now the smartphone can install updates to this app just like any other app. This secures high-quality performance whenever you surf social media or use apps. Opening the link inside the app brings you more comfort and eliminates the need to switch the apps back and forth.

What’s the issue with this app?

Some users didn’t like the fact that it was forcefully added to their smartphones. The company didn’t ask for permission to do it. That’s why there are so many trolling reviews and memes on the Web. However, it doesn’t cause any problems with the device. Neither does it take much space.

Is there a way to uninstall it?

The short answer is no. You may remove all the updates but not the app. However, there is no obvious reason for such actions. Experts do not advise doing it either. Just forget about it. Besides, it turns out to help your device stay safe. It increases security and prevents different events that can make it compromised.

The conclusion on the Android System WebView app

Just because you may not know much about the app or dislike the fact that it was forcefully added, doesn’t change the fact that it’s essential. Moreover, it’s convenient. This component of the Android OS was created for your convenience. This useful app is partially responsible for the good performance your device delivers when browsing online. It’s a must-have app that runs automatically. So, let it do its thing.

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