Google Nest Cams Will Get a Revamped Lineup in 2021 – Review Geek

A Nest Cam Outdoor camera with a butterfly on it.

Yesterday, the fine folks at 9to5Google reported that the Nest IQ Outdoor has been out of stock for several weeks. It’s the newest camera in the company’s lineup, so going out of stock for so long is unusual. But apparently, it’s also no accident. Google confirmed that it “sold out of Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, and it will no longer be available on the Google Store.” Instead, the company is working on a new range of cameras for your smart home.

It’s not clear yet what those cameras will be, but we can only hope Google will replace its outgoing outdoor model. According to 9to5Google, Google said, “Nest will keep investing in new innovations” with a “new lineup of security cameras for 2021.”

You can still buy the more affordable outdoor camera option in the meantime. And for now, at least, Google still has stock of the $129 Nest Cam Indoor and the $299 Nest Cam IQ Indoor. All of this follows Google’s recent changes to Nest Aware subscriptions to make owning multiple cameras more affordable. When Google announces more, we’ll let you know.

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