July 2, 2022

Google’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ streaming service hub project for Chrome is dead

Google's 'Kaleidoscope' streaming service hub project for Chrome is dead

If the Chrome browser just wasn’t eating enough of your RAM, Google is working on adding even more stuff to it with something it’s called Kaleidoscope. We don’t have many details at this time, but it seems to be a hub for streaming video services.

The new feature, found at chrome://kaleidoscope/, is only available if you’re using Chrome Canary, the most experimental version of Google’s web browser. As Chrome Story reports, the page would previously read “Chrome Kaleidoscope is not currently available for your account. If you are a Googler, check out go/kaleidoscope-not-available for more information.” Upon visiting the page today, however, the screenshot above was shown.

There’s not much to look at on this page, but “All your shows in one place” offers a pretty good idea of what’s to come. The services pictured in Chrome Story’s screenshot — Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar (an India-market product) — are all examples of shows that can be aggregated here.

Only two other screens really show up: one that says “Continue watching across all your devices,” and another that just says Kaleidoscope isn’t yet available for non-Googler accounts (read: it’s being tested internally). Hopefully we hear more about this feature soon, as it does sound pretty intriguing for those who stream TV shows and movies often.

code’s been removed, and it’s been axed from NTP modules as well. The original article was published before Google TV was announced, but both had very similar concepts — perhaps that’s why Kaleidoscope was cancelled.

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