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Hacking Facebook: Main Methods and Protection

Even though the security of accounts on Facebook is compromised several times every year, the number of users of this social network is growing. In October 2012, a billionth profile was registered on Facebook, and the daily number of visits exceeded six hundred million. Facebook is a site where are shared the details about personal life. Birthdays and anniversaries, places of visit, and where to go on vacation, photos with family and friends, funny and sad thoughts – everything finds its place on pages. There are a few ways how to hack Facebook.

Social media was originally intended for communication, but some people saw it as a way to influence others for their wicked purposes. Information that is disclosed can be used against us. For example, others always know whether you are at home or not, how long ago you left, and so on.

The more dependent people become on network technologies, the higher the risk of being hacked. In Facebook profiles, people already reveal a lot, but some people go even further and crack the password, get the opportunity to make changes on the page, and use it for their purposes, and this is already identity theft, one of the most serious network dangers.

Hacking a Facebook page is generally a simple process. So, the most common ways to hack Facebook account passwords are used by both hackers and ordinary people.

Changing your Facebook page password

The easiest way to “hack” someone else’s account is to change the password on it. This usually works if the person is familiar to you. The first step is to find out the login – the email account. It can be asked or spied on the Facebook page in the contact information if the person indicated it there.

Then you need to simulate a password loss situation. Click on the “Forgot your password?” and enter your mail login. Do not forget to check the box “this is my account”. The system will offer to change the password via mail, but this option does not suit you, since you do not know the password from the mail. Therefore, you have to press the button “do not have access to these e-mails anymore?” The system will ask how else you can contact you. Enter an email address that is not linked to any Facebook account.

A question will appear, the answer to which only the owner of the account knows. Here you will have to either guess, or find out this answer by workarounds. Enter it, change your password, and in 24 hours you will have access to your account.

How to protect yourself from this

Facebook account must be linked to a specially created email account. The login of this mailbox should not be displayed in the contact information.

Choose your security question and answer carefully. It cannot be information available from the Facebook page or simply known to many people: birthdays and anniversaries, the names of pets and the first teachers in schools, and so on.

Finally, sending passwords to friends can be configured so that only three specific people can receive them. Then no new accounts or “left” friends will be able to “share” with the cracker the password to your account.