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A Spotify Kids app with a Choose Playlist option on the screen.

Last March, Spotify debuted a Kids app to help keep your children confined to music without adult content. Later the streaming service added tracking and song blocking features. Now Spotify’s latest update makes it possible to share your favorite playlists with your children. You can even filter out specific songs on the fly.

Spotify already creates kid-friendly playlists, but if you find it lacking the new feature will help. Parents know their children best after all and have a better handle on what a kid is ready to hear than a faceless company. More importantly, by sharing playlists you can help your children develop better musical tastes. Any maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop streaming Baby Shark every five minutes. Thankfully, the process is pretty easy.

Once you have a playlist set up in your main Spotify app, just open the Spotify Kid’s app on your child’s device and go to the Parent Pin area and look for the Shared Playlists option. Select the playlist you want to share, and you’re good to go. Just keep in mind it’ll bring everything over, even tracks marked as Explicit. If you want to remove those, you need to remove them from the playlist in your main Spotify app.

You can always remove the playlist if you change your mind later. And if you add or remove tracks from the playlist in your main Spotify app, the playlist will update in Spotify Kids to match. It’s a great way to share your favorite music with your children, while still keeping them confined to the lyrics you find appropriate. And with exposure to more music, you can go down nostalgia lane with your children, or introduce them to whole new worlds of music. Just as long as you don’t have to listen to A Whole New World one more time.

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