Jamf partners with TRUCE on location-based device enforcement program

Apple enterprise management company Jamf is partnering with TRUCE Software on a new location-based device management program that emphasizes safety and user privacy.

The companies announced the new integrated solution on Thursday, noting the system adds an automated safety layer to Apple devices managed by Jamf Pro.

The program uses employee location and movement to carry out an employer’s mobile-use policy dynamically. For example, it can customize app availability, notification settings, and the availability of other device features. Once employees are no longer in a restricted state, the Jamf-TRUCE system returns the devices to normal.

Hypothetical examples could include disallowing employee messaging or app browsing while on a construction site or driving a delivery route.

The program’s goal is to allow employers to enforce safety policies while also respecting employee privacy. The companies emphasize that the solution respects privacy for tasks like apps, web browsing, photos, or messages.

In early January 2021, Jamf announced that its platform now runs on more than 20 million Apple devices and is used by 47,000 customers.

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