Nancy Pelosi has disclosed stock options in Tesla, Disney and Apple

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi looks to be investing big on Tesla and Disney.

Business Insider reports that the California politician bought 25 call options — the option to buy stock within a certain timeframe — for Tesla on Dec. 22, giving her the option to buy 2,500 shares at $500 each.

According to financial disclosures, she is also looking into Walt Disney Company and Apple’s stocks, purchasing 100 call options for each company at $100 each on the same day — moves that cost up to $1 million and up to $500,000, respectively.

There is the possibility that her husband, businessman and investor Paul Pelosi, purchased the options. While these bets may not belong to Pelosi, lawmakers are required to report any investments belonging to them, their spouses or any dependent children, Barron’s reports.

The call options are set to expire in early 2022.

The move, Business Insider acknowledged, may pose some challenges to her lawmaking decisions — as she is now vested in Tesla’s success and has the capacity to influence “green” legislation.

She also disclosed a purchase of 20,000 shares of AllianceBernstein, an investment firm, costing up to $1 million.

Last May, Paul Pelosi sold thousands of Apple stocks for up to $7 million, Barron’s reported.

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