‘NUTS’ and ‘Spire Blast’ Arrive on Apple Arcade

NUTS – A Surveillance Mystery” and “Spire Blast” are the latest games to join Apple Arcade‘s expanding library.

NUTS is a single-player surveillance mystery game set in a remote forest, where players are tasked with discovering what a group of squirrels are hiding. Through carefully laying out equipment, recording the squirrels’ movements, analyzing their behavior, and reporting findings, players can uncover their hidden secrets.

With a bold visual style, full voice acting, careful pacing, and unusual gameplay mechanics, NUTS aims to offer something different.

Spire Blast is a colorful, family-friendly puzzle game that challenges players to topple towers using a system of matching and powerups.

Take a step into the colorful world of Spire Blast. With your ever hungry dragon companion collapse numerous mysterious towers of all shapes and sizes that have risen all over the kingdom.

Test your wits and skills, use all the tools at your disposal and you will emerge victorious!

NUTS – A Surveillance Mystery and Spire Blast are available now on ‌Apple Arcade‌, for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

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