Otterbox tries to cash in on mobile gaming with a new line of gaming accessories

Mobile gaming caught fire in 2020, which can likely be attributed to everyone being stuck at home with nothing to do. I get it, I also played a lot of video games last year. No judgment.

But 2020 wasn’t the only reason. With the rise of things like Game Pass from Microsoft, plus Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, mobile gaming has been steadily cementing itself as a decent alternative to traditional video game experiences, especially if you invest in a decent controller.

Otterbox wants to cash in on that.

Otterbox mobile gaming gear

So what’s included in this lineup of gaming accessories from Otterbox? Well, like some stuff we’ve seen from companies like PowerA and 8bitdo, it’s pretty Xbox focused. You can tell Microsoft had some influence here.

There are a couple of grippy controller shells in a few different colors for your Xbox One controller, for example; at $40, these almost cost as much as the controller itself.

The purple looks slick, though, but it’s hard to justify that price for a grippy cover.

There’s also a clip for your Xbox controller to hold your phone and stream/game, which Otterbox has priced at $30. Also seemingly pretty expensive compared to similar products.

You can invest in a $45 controller case, which seems expensive (it is) but manages to hold the controller + clip with some compartments for extra batteries and accessories, and there’s a passthrough for a cable to charge your controller while it’s inside the case. It includes a fold-out stand to hold your phone in place, too, so I’m giving this one a pass. Even at that price, I’m intrigued.

Otterbox will put these new gadgets up for sale starting January 25th with a mid-February ship date.

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