Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 13 Camera Leaks: Already Disappointing? (video)

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Let’s begin today with deals, even on products that haven’t launched. Follow the first link in the description and Reserve your Galaxy S21, as you will get a credit if you do it now or simply check it out to see if it’s right for you. Sticking to Samsung, their crazy trade-in deals seem like they won’t be stopping any time soon, which means you can still get the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for just $1000, the Galaxy Note 20 Series starts at $400, with the Ultra setting you back at $700. Finally, if you still want a Galaxy S20, you can get the S20 FE for $150 or the Ultra for $599. Again, these are trade-in deals so you need an eligible device. Now let’s switch over to Apple and starting with the M1 Mac Mini which is currently $30 off. That leaves the 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage model for $670 which is still pretty good. If you’re looking for an Apple Watch, the brand new SE is $40 off, leaving the 44mm variant for $270. We have more deals on some Intel Macs and other products in the links in the description.



OnePlus Health app gives us our first clear look at the OnePlus Band

There’s a couple of companies that are great at leaking their own products, but let’s be real, no one does it better than OnePlus. Earlier this week they teased the design of their upcoming OnePlus Band, showing a corner of it and now, well we get to see everything. The company just listed an early access phase for their Health App which will be used to record things like your heart rate, steps walked, sleep patterns and more, you know the usual. In the App’s Description, it mentions both a smartwatch and fitness bands. And once, you get to the app, you can see the OnePlus Band’s full design, including the display turned on. According to the leaks, the OnePlus Band will feature a 1.1in AMOLED display, with around 14 days of battery life and a $40 price tag, but it will be launched in India first. So yeah, to the rest of the companies, take note.. This is how you leak a product

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook gets a successor at almost half the price

Let’s move on to Samsung but back to the official news. Last year at CES, and I know I’m getting flashbacks of tradeshows, the company announced their Galaxy Chromebook, which started at $999. Well, the company just announced the successor, which has a better price, with a couple of logical changes that make sense for the type of product it is. See, instead of a 4K OLED, it now features a 13.3in QLED FHD display, with the entry level model being powered by an Intel Celeron 5205U, Intel UDH Graphics, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The higher tier variant is powered by an Intel Core i3, and it brings up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. You’re getting, 2 USB Type-C ports as well as a microSD card Reader. Of course, it runs on Chrome OS, it brings other features like Wi-Fi 6, S-Pen support and Stereo Speakers. Where it gets interesting is that now, it starts at just $549, with the higher tier one going for $699. We awarded last year’s unit as one of our Best of CES and I think now it’s an easier award given the drop in price and updates, I actually prefer QLED displays.

We receive new details of Apple’s possible iPad refresh

A couple of weeks ago we covered some rumors of Apple getting ready to refresh the entry level iPad, which got a refresh last year. According to a new report from Mac Otakara, the new iPad would arrive with the same 10.2in display we get on the current model but like other reports mention, it will take some design cues from the old iPad Air. This means that we’ll receive a significantly thinner device, more or less 6.3mm thick when compared to the 7.5mm we have right now. The new design will also weigh around 30g less than the current model. The report also claims that this iPad will still bring the Home Button, meaning Touch ID is still alive, and that Cupertino will also use a Lightning Port over USB-C for this iPad. Previous reports also claim that this iPad will bring Cupertino’s A13 Bionic, 4GB of RAM and it’s getting a price cut, down to $299. Rumors suggest that we should get it by Spring 2021, but let’s see as we got the last one in September.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 renders suggest Galaxy S21-esque camera module and bigger outer display

Going back to Samsung, let’s discuss the Galaxy Z Flip 3 as we know that last year we got the first generation model with the S20 but, it looks like we’ll have to wait until the third quarter of this year. Now, we have some renders of the possible design from Let’s Go Digital, showing what we could be getting this fall. Now, we don’t know if this is fan made or the real deal since this is both early, and also because this design comes from a Korean forum and it takes elements from the Galaxy S21’s design when it comes to the camera and the lilac color variant with the gold hinge and accents. At the front we get pretty much the same design from last year but with the gold accents. Now, probably the most interesting thing here is the outer display, which has way more space than what we got last year, showing you the time, date, battery and it has way more room for notifications. Thing is, even if we’re skeptical, I kinda hope this is actually the final design because I do like it a lot.

Kuo: iPhone camera hardware could get better until 2023

And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk Apple and the iPhone 13 once again as, the rumors don’t seam to slow down even if we’re early. According to Ming Chi Kuo’s latest report, Apple’s usual three main lens suppliers will be tasked with delivering the components for the 2021 iPhones. However, after looking at the technologies and production lines, Kuo concluded that there won’t be any significant upgrade to the iPhone’s camera for the next 2 generations. Of course this doesn’t mean that the overall performance of the camera will stay the same as, there is still room for major improvements when it comes to software, like what Google has been doing for years. So it looks like Apple will work on perfecting their computational photography and they consider that these lenses are good enough to last an extra couple of generations. If you watched the previous Pocketnow Daily, it looks like Apple wants to focus on the display for the iPhone 13, by shrinking down the notch and finally bringing an LTPO display with high refresh rate.


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