PSA: Adobe Flash is finally dead and buried

Adobe Flash

It’s the last day of the year which means it’s time to say goodbye to the much-maligned (some might say malignant) Adobe Flash which is officially obsolete on modern browsers. Adobe has finally ceased support for Flash and is informing users of the platform’s demise.

Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome and Edge include native Flash support which requires Google and Microsoft to issue an update to remove it. If you are running a browser that required the installation of Flash via a plugin then you’ll see a pop-up every week giving you the option of ‘remind me later’ or to ‘uninstall’ which will then begin the uninstall process.

Adobe has stated that it will begin blocking Flash content from running in Flash Player from January 12th, 2021 and has provided instructions for Windows and Mac users on how to manually uninstall Flash from your systems, just click the relevant link below:

Once a popular platform for creating games and presentations, Flash became better known for its insecurities and exploits in recent years which prompted Adobe to announce its slow, lingering death. Are you sad to see the end of Flash?

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