PSA: Amazon’s Kindle Owners Lending Library is shutting down on January 4th, 2021

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Christmas may be a time for giving, but perhaps Amazon didn’t get that particular memo because the retailing monster has announced that it’s shutting down the Kindle Owners Lending Library on January 4th, 2021.

First launched in 2011, the Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL) lets Kindle users borrow a book for free every month from an array of e-books, and proved to be popular. Much like we saw with the usurping of Google Play Music’s position by YouTube Music, so it is with the KOLL and Prime Reading.

If you are willing to pony up $10 a month then Kindle Unlimited offers a larger selection of titles than the KOLL had available. If not, but you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber, Prime Reading’s library is also greater than the Kindle Owners Lending Program, and offers the ability to borrow up to 8 titles at a time.

Other alternatives include taking out membership at your local library which may have its own library of eBooks that you can borrow without having to pay for Amazon Prime. Other than that, there’s little in the way of options to rival Amazons offerings.

The Kindle Owners Lending Program shuts down on January 4th, 2021 but you’ll still be able to access books that you previously borrowed from the service. It’s not often that Amazon announces the shutting down of a product (unlike Google), but it has done so this time around.

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