Qualcomm promises its next fingerprint scanners will be 50% faster

There’s certainly an argument to be made about how convenient facial unlock technology is. A counterpoint to that, however, is that it is incredibly inconvenient in a pandemic where you need to wear a mask. Long live the fingerprint scanner.

Qualcomm’s not giving up on them, either; in fact, they’re promising their next generation scanners will be faster than ever.

Qualcomm promises 50% faster fingerprint unlocks

They’ve announced their 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2, which is an upgrade over what’s currently available in select smartphones. The biggest, as we mentioned, is that the 2nd generation biometric sensor will be about 50% faster in unlocking your device. Everybody likes speed, right?

Additionally, though, the sensor will be larger this time around, too, so no more awkwardly placing your thumb over and over trying to get it on the sweet spot of your phone to get past the lock screen. That’s got the extra benefit of collecting more biometric data, too, so your phone should have a better read on your imprint with this sensor.

Qualcomm says you can expect phones with this upgraded sensor to start arriving in early 2021. Galaxy S21, maybe?

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