Razer’s New Viper 8K Gaming Mouse is Faster Than You Could Ever Need – Review Geek

Razer Viper 8K gaming mouse with cool lights shining on it

Anyone regularly stepping into an Esports arena (or, okay, just playing some lighthearted PvP online for fun) knows the importance of having gear and an internet connection that can keep up. And that’s precisely what Razer’s new Viper 8K gaming mouse brings to the table, thanks to its super-smooth 8,000Hz polling rate.

The polling rate is a measure of how frequently your mouse is telling your computer where its pointer is located on the screen. While this isn’t a big deal while you’re scrolling Twitter or even editing videos, it’s critical for competitive gaming. The more accurately your pointer’s location is noted, the more accurate you can be when firing off a shot in-game. Now, the Viper 8K’s 8,000Hz rate promises insanely smooth and accurate polling, especially when compared to the industry standard of 1,000Hz.

Beyond that, the mouse also includes the Focus+ 20,000DPI sensor and the latest generation of optical switches, which offer a pleasantly tactile clicking. The Viper 8K features advanced on-board memory—capable of storing five profiles of keybinds, macros, and inputs—along with eight programmable buttons, injection-molded rubber side grips, and a Speedflex cable designed to create minimal drag. It weighs 71g, which is a mere 2g more than its predecessor, but is still lightweight and offering smooth control. 

Otherwise, the new Viper 8K is actually pretty similar to Razer’s 2019 true ambidextrous Viper, even down to the identical $79.99 price tag. The mouse is available to purchase directly from Razer’s site, so you can check it out for yourself.

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