Signal tries to get more fun, adds wallpapers and animated stickers like WhatsApp

Signal has seen a boost lately, especially with the negative press around WhatsApp’s privacy policy changes. But one thing that WhatsApp is really effective at is making their platform fun.

Yeah, actually being able to send messages is important, but there’s a lot of other stuff that can spice up your conversations and experiences. Signal’s newest update is trying to address that.

Signal gets custom wallpapers, animated stickers

This isn’t the first attempt at stickers that Signal has attempted, but it’s much more in-depth this time around. But now you’ll be able to do much more, which might be just what you need to get some of your friends and family into the encrypted messaging game.

Custom wallpapers are fully supported for chats now, for instance, so instead of plain colors for light and dark mode, now you can put a custom wallpaper or color for your entire app. Make it pink if you want, go wild.

Additionally, you can do this on a per-conversation basis, so if you like to mix things up and maybe keep a custom design for your friends but a professional, plain white background for work contacts, you can do that, too.

You’ll also now immediately have access to a pre-installed animated sticker pack, in addition to Signal’s other stickers. You get 24 stickers in this pack, which isn’t a ton, but does hint at the app picking up more of these kinds of features in the future. Custom sticker packs would also presumably be in the pipeline.

You’ll get access to these features in the latest beta of Signal that’s currently rolling out on the Play Store, with the regular build of the app due for an update in the near future.

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