June 12, 2021

Somebody finally fixed Apple’s worst-ever design

An engineer on social media has finally fixed one of the worst designs ever created by Apple, by adding wireless charging to Apple’s Magic Mouse.

The Magic Mouse is notorious because the device’s charging port is housed underneath the device, making it impossible to use whilst charging, and making the upturned device very unsightly and un-Apple to look at. (Pictured)

Now, in a video shared to social media, one engineer has taken matters into their own hands and created a wirelessly charging Magic Mouse thanks to a whole lot of DIY.

The video, shared by DuanRui on Twitter, is a therapeutic 90 seconds of wizardry, which ends with a Magic Mouse that can be charged wirelessly. They even added a built-in wireless charging point to their desk thanks to some under-the-table modifications. Check it out!

A popular companion accessory to Apple’s iMac lineup, there is every chance the Magic Mouse might get a slightly more official upgrade this year. According to recent reports, Apple is planning to release new iMacs to replace its existing 23.1-inch and 27-inch models. From that report:

A new Bloomberg report claims that Apple has a whole raft of new products in the works across the iMac, Mac Pro, and display lineups. Including a replacement for the popular $999 Thunderbolt Display.

Starting with the iMacs, Bloomberg’s report says that Apple is working on versions to replace the existing 21.5-inch and 27-inch models, although it isn’t clear what the sizes will be for the new models. The design will be all-new, with something more closely resembling the Pro Display XDR aesthetic, the report claims.

The report indicates that Apple’s new iMacs will look a lot like Apple’s Pro Display XDR monitor.

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