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Recently, many are interested in the question of how to hack someone else’s Wi-Fi: someone is interested in simply using someone else’s Internet, but some need access to a specific person’s home network.

There are several such methods with different implementations. There are easy and complex ones, there are fast and long ones. In addition to specific information that may be contained in the device, hackers can gain access to money if bank cards or e-wallets are tied to the phone. Also, sending SMS from an unsuspecting owner’s phone remotely also threatens with loss of funds.

There is a rather simple method that can be used by anyone and that does not require special skills, does not depend on the encryption protocol, and is easy to implement. This is the selection of a WPS pin code from a router (router).

Why does it work

Most home routers have and by default, the function of connecting to a Wi-Fi network by entering the WPS pin code is enabled (what it is – you can read in detail here, but in short, it is a digital code of 8 digits), this pin code can be recorded on the device itself or in the control/settings panel of the router.

On the device that needs to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, the WPS pin code is entered, after which the router exchanges the necessary information with the device and sends it the password from the Wi-Fi network.

To implement this method, you do not need any special knowledge/skills – there are ready-made programs for Windows (I heard, saw, but did not try) and Linux (there is a number/complex of programs that allow you to select a pin code, there are also specialized Linux OS/programs that can automatically select/hack wireless networks using all known Wi-Fi vulnerabilities on a particular day). And, in my opinion, the most interesting are specialized firmware for mobile devices (phones/tablets / mobile routers), which can perform the same functions as specialized programs on ordinary Windows / Linux operating systems, while being in a pocket or a backpack. 🙂

In the above programs/firmware, it is enough to select the name of the Wi-Fi network from the list and press start, after which the program independently begins to select the pin code, which can take from 10 minutes to 8-10 hours with a good antenna signal, and from 10 to 168 hours with a bad signal.

In case of successful selection/attack on WPS, the router issues a password for the wireless network, and now the attacker, using this password, can connect his other devices to someone else’s Wi-Fi network (for example, those that do not support WPS connection).

What to do and how to protect yourself from hacking

Nowadays router manufacturers have finalized the WPS protocol: someone updated the firmware with minimal protection, and someone disabled this function by default. But on budget models or earlier (not updated), this vulnerability remained. The best way to decline all possible attacks, especially if the device contains very important information, is not to turn on Wi-Fi unnecessarily and not to connect to free networks in public places, especially popular ones.

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