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Synth Riders VR

In the Virtual Reality (VR) world, rhythm-dancing games like Beat Saber and Supernatural are abundant and popular. Synth Riders takes the genre a different route though and has you riding rails rather than slicing boxing. The game’s graphics already feel like a computer simulation from the ’80s, but the latest DLC pack includes a visual experience worthy of Tron.

If you’re not familiar with Synth Riders it’s a unique take on the dance-rhythm VR genre. In most dance-rhythm games, you’re tasked with slicing or batting an object as it flies towards you in time to the music. Synth Rider is less of a striking game, and something closer to riding rails with your hands.

A gif of two ball striking note objects.

As you ride a platform, notes come towards you in various colors. You need to hold out two orbs and hit the notes, or at least let the notes collide with your obs. The notes will follow a long rail like path, causing you to move your arms in wide circles to keep up.

But it’s not just the way you interact with objects that’s different, Synth Riders evokes a different feel than other games. If you remember what the ’80s and ’90s thought VR would look like in movies like TronThe Lawnmower Man, and Arcade. It’s a retro take on ancient CGI that works really well in the game.

Several digitized looking people floating in the distance
Synth Riders VR

The game already had two music pack add-ons, and a custom song beat map maker. But in addition to three free songs, you can now grab a third music pack that includes the song Algorithm by Muse that comes with a specialized “experience.” The level is unique and takes Synth Riders‘ effects to a new level. We’ve tried it, and it feels like riding through the opening sequence in an early CGI movie. “Experience” is the right word, as structures and lights fly by you.

It feels a lot like immersing yourself in a Tron-inspired music video. For now, Algorithm is the only song with the new experience, but hopefully more songs get the treatment down the road. The free songs are rolling out as an update right now, and include Abyss (Gancher & Ruin Remix) – 3FORCE (feat. Scandroid), Empire of Steel (MASKED Remix) – Essenger (feat. Scandroid), and Automatic Call – NINA.

Two light rails in purple and green flying down a starry expanse
Synth Riders VR

The Synthwave Essentials 2 Pack is available now for $7.95, or $1.99 for individual tracks. The pack includes Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) by Muse, The Dark Side by Muse, Running In The Night by FM-84 & Ollie Wride, Days of Thunder by The Midnight, and Tech Noir (Carpenter Brut Remix) by Gunship.

You can pick up Synth Riders on Oculus Quest and Steam for $25.

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