The Apple AirPods Max design shock no one noticed – until now

The fashion and tech worlds aren’t exactly synonymous, but if there’s one gadget that’s become quite the status symbol, it’s Apple’s AirPods. The tiny in-ear versions, that is. AirPods Max, enormous in both size and price, haven’t been around long enough to achieve ubiquity in the streets. But a newly discovered design surprise could soon help them stand out in a crowd.  

Until now, AirPods Max weren’t known for their customisability –  choose from one of five colours and you’re done. But a recent teardown has revealed that the headband is unexpectedly simple to remove, leading to speculation about future swappable designs. 

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AirPods Max

The headband can be removed with just a sim card ejector tool (Image credit: Prelook on YouTube)

The teardown by Chinese YouTube channel PreLook revealed that the AirPods Max headband can be removed simply by inserting a sim card ejector tool (the same as you’ll find in your iPhone box) into a tiny hole at the top of each headphone cup. Indeed, watching the process in action (below), there’s an unmistakeable sense that the headband was designed to be swapped easily.

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