The Galaxy S21 might skip the SD card slot this year

The Galaxy S21 has been a leaky ship these past couple weeks, with tons of rumors and specifications surfacing about Samsung’s upcoming phone. While we’ll know everything about the device in a couple weeks, that doesn’t mean we aren’t curious ahead of time, you know?

This latest rumor isn’t so great, though. Despite the powerhouse hardware, Samsung might be removing a fan favorite feature and taking away your ability to expand the storage of your smartphone, again.

Galaxy S21 microSD card slot

You might remember back in the Galaxy S6 days, when Samsung also nixed the SD card slot in their flagship phone. While there were certainly advantages to exclusively using internal storage, most people were generally not happy about that decision. Samsung reversed course with the Galaxy S7, and they’ve kept the expandable storage ever since. Mostly.

But that might be going away once more with the Galaxy S21. Rumors suggest that much like the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 20, you’ll be stuck with the storage of the phone. That’s not out of line for the current smartphone market, and matches up with Google’s Pixel line, the iPhone, and a handful of other devices. But one thing that has always helped Samsung stand out was their willingness to support expandable storage.

Unlike the Galaxy Note line, this also appears to affect the entire Galaxy S21 range, so you can’t even keep the option if you opt for the most expensive model.

While these phones are shaping up to be pretty solid contenders, there’s no doubt they’re going to come with a bit of bad PR if you can’t use your SD card and there’s no wall charger in the box. We’ll know more in a few weeks.

via: SamMobile

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