The new Pixel 5 promo video has a great Weezer soundtrack

Ok, the title may be slightly inaccurate but not by much. I mean, the dude actually says “OK Google” in the music video, which is ostensibly for Weezer’s new song – “All My Favorite Songs”. Instead, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Pixel 5 was the lead singer seeing as it seems to be on-screen for a quarter of the video.

It’s pretty obvious that Weezer received a nice little cheque to feature the Pixel 5 so prominently in their new music video. Everyone in the band is holding a Pixel 5, and when a couple of youths attempt to mug an older man of his Pixel 5, the handset miraculously transforms itself into a portal to Weezer’s recording studio. It’s weird how none of the reviews have reported this phenomenon, but perhaps it’s a special edition being used.

Only you can decide if Weezer’s new song is good or not, I’m leaning to the “It’s OK” side of things despite the Pixel 5 that attempts to steal the limelight.


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