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A pair of Vans slip-ons featuring a "Where's Waldo" spread against a red and white striped background

If you’re like us, you probably spent way too much of your childhood staring intently at Where’s Waldo books trying the titular character among their detailed pages. Now, Waldo has been spotted on this fun line of shoes and clothing that’s part of a collaboration between Vans and Where’s Waldo.

The fun picture books, created by British illustrator Martin Handford, first appeared in 1987 and made it tough to find Waldo in its pages of increasingly cluttered crowds. Famous scenes, like the beach, can be found throughout this creative collaboration, along with Waldo’s iconic red and white stripes, and even a pair of yellow and black shoes based on Waldo’s nemesis, Odlaw (because apparently ev

The Vans collaboration features a variety of shirts, shoes, and hoodies for adults, children, and toddlers (although it missed an opportunity by not including Waldo’s pom-pom beanie). Pricing ranges from $26 up to $85 depending on what you choose. And once you’re all decked out in Where’s Waldo gear, you’ll actually have a good reason to spend all day staring at yourself in the mirror.

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