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Top 5 Smartphones That Work with Samsung Wireless Charger

Wireless charging has brought into our lives lots of novelties. This is the new era of charging devices and a way to forget about broken wires. While some models charge faster than others, they can fully charge your phone within 2 hours. Today, we’ll get to know more about Samsung Wireless Charger as well as what smartphones work with it.

A general overview of Samsung Wireless Charger

This charger is based on Qi wireless charging technology. While there are some alternatives, this one got very popular in the modern market. The technology itself is rather simple. The charger transfers energy to a receiver in the smartphone via electromagnetic induction.

Samsung Wireless Charger is a stylish device that comes in black sapphire or white. To begin using it, you only have to plug it into the wall charger or USB port. Out the device on top of it to start charging.

This model stands out offering the wireless charging pad, too. This means you can charge the phone via Samsung Wireless Charger which is not connected with cables in 4 hours. It’s very easy to set up and use.

The peculiarities of the device

Samsung Wireless Charger has wide compatibility. It works with all Qi-enabled devices. Surely, this includes all Samsung smartphones that support the technology in question. They are:

  • Galaxy S6,
  • Galaxy S6 Active,
  • Galaxy S6 Edge,
  • Galaxy S6 Edge+,
  • Galaxy Note5.

Besides, you may use Samsung Wireless Charger on Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note4, Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note3 if you buy a Wireless Charging Battery Covers. They are sold separately in many stores nationwide.

Other types of smartphones you may juice up

However, the charger is Qi certified which means it can juice up any device that supports this technology. Most major manufacturers like Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, Blackberry, Apple, etc. have adopted this technology and some of their models now support wireless charging. Find out if they are compatible with Samsung Wireless Charger by learning more about the compatibility in the tech characteristics of each model.

The drawbacks and downsides of Samsung Wireless Charger

Many users worry that smartphones heat up when charging. In fact, they do it even if you use wired charging, too. There is no necessity to worry about that unless it gets too hot. In this case, there may be an issue with your battery. If you notice constant overheating, you should take your smartphone to a professional.

Another drawback of the tech is that it won’t work through metal. This means you need to have a plastic or glass cover. They make your smartphone more fragile than in case of using a shockproof metal case. If you have a metal case, you’ll have to take it off every time you need to charge the device which will drive you crazy pretty fast or lead to an accident. However, some chargers are powerful enough to charge through very thick plastic which will deliver decent protection.

The conclusion

All in all, many devices work with the charger in question. Now you know about all the Samsung models which are 100% compatible with this device as well as the main manufacturer that make phones with Qi charging technology. Using this charging mat is very easy and convenient. The numerous advantages make it one of the most desired gadgets of the year. So, check the compatibility at the official site and order the model that works with your smartphone.