TwelveSouth releases hybrid iPad and MacBook ParcSlope stand

The Twelve South ParcSlope stand hopes to help iPad and MacBook users take advantage of both devices with comfort and sleek design in mind.

TwelveSouth is known for making Apple device-specific accessories with premium materials and attention to detail. The ParcSlope is a simple stand at first glance, but has all the small touches needed to make it versatile.

The stand leaves your device at an 18-degree angle, whether it’s a MacBook Pro keyboard for typing or an iPad tilted up for drawing. The stand raises your MacBook screen for better viewing when at a desk or table and provides additional cooling and airflow around the bottom case.

Pair the ParcSlope with an iPad and you can lay it on the stand in portrait or landscape mode and attach accessories. Grab your keyboard and you have a quick desktop typing setup for your iPad Pro.

The metal stand will blend in with your Apple products on your desk. It has a small cutout for cable management and slightly raised ridges to ensure easy opening of the MacBook lid.

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