WhatsApp promises it can’t snoop through your messages


You’ve probably noticed a bit of commotion around WhatsApp lately. Since Facebook now owns the messaging service, so there’s always been some concerns over the app’s privacy, and some of those fears came back to light after an updated terms of service last week.

The updated terms means WhatsApp users would consent to their data being shared across Facebook companies. And while that’s not great news, maybe it’s not as bad as the initial reaction.

WhatsApp can’t read your messages

The biggest privacy conspiracy was that WhatsApp could potentially snoop into your messages and utilize that data to serve up ads. The privacy policy mentions accessing certain private information that gave some fuel to those fires, so now WhatsApp has had to step in.

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They won’t be looking at your messages, nor does WhatsApp have the ability to. Messages are sent with end-to-end encryption, so nobody in the middle could snoop anyway. WhatsApp has reiterated this point, and mentions that users who have opted out of Facebook data sharing will still have their preferences respected.

Facebook isn’t great, and I don’t think anyone’s going to argue otherwise, but this particularly rumor caught fire and didn’t have much substance behind it.

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